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The Subaltern-Popular Conference 2: Re-Visioning Analytic Frames

The Subaltern- Popular Conference 1 (March 8-9, 2004)




Goals & Objectives

1. Intellectual Continuity and Growth: To continue the dialog started by “The Subaltern and the Popular” Conference of March 2004 held at UC Santa Barbara.

2. Research Center: To provide a platform for research and intellectual exchange for faculty and graduate students across the UC system in the humanities. Those who work on issues relating to subalternity and popular culture are at present scattered among many different disciplines and departments. The Subaltern-Popular MRG will provide both a rationale and a locus of conversation. The goal is to create within the UC system an intellectual center that will have the capacity to generate research on the subaltern and the popular. It will also become a resource for those faculty and students who are interested in these issues but have not yet become actively engaged.

3. Comparative Studies: To create the opportunity for a sustained exchange between scholars working in different disciplines and geographical areas on the question of subalternity, lending an important comparative perspective to the problem. We are particularly interested in fostering a comparison between Asia, Latin America, the Middle-East, and Ireland in the next five years.

4. Archive and Dissemination: To create a permanent UC archive of the intellectual proceedings of the workshops and conferences. This will be in the form of publishing papers presented at the workshops in the form of “occasional papers,” done in house (both paper and electronic versions), or as a special issue of a peer-reviewed journal. The proceedings from the conference will be published as co-edited volumes from a scholarly press.

5. Graduate Education: To enrich graduate student instruction by offering an annual graduate seminar on the subject at one of the participating UC campuses. The participation of students in the conference will further their links with other UC campuses and with the international intellectual community.

6. Graduate Student Mentoring: To facilitate and encourage field research among graduate students and to share faculty research expertise with students.

7. Outreach: To enable UC faculty and graduate students to interact and share their research with scholars and activists from outside the UC system. We expect this to be an important step in connecting academic endeavor with grass-roots movements for social justice and equity.

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