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The Subaltern-Popular Conference 2: Re-Visioning Analytic Frames (October 21-22, 2005)

The Subaltern- Popular Conference 1 (March 8-9, 2004)


Faculty Workshops

The Subaltern-Popular Faculty Workshop 5:


Garden Room, Upham Hotel, Santa Barbara
April 25-27, 2009

Subaltern-Popular Faculty Workshop 5: OCCUPATION
Dates: April 25-27, 2009
Venue: Garden Room, Upham Hotel, Santa Barbara


Saturday, April 25

4:00-6:45  Roundtable: Media and Occupation            

Bishnupriya Ghosh, Freya Schiwy, Cristina Venegas, Bhaskar Sarkar         

Moderator: Kamala Visweswaran

Readings: Brian Larkin, Signal and Noise: Media, Infrastructure and Urban Culture in Nigeria (Durham: Duke University Press, 2008), Introduction, Chapter 7

Suggested Reading: Monroe Price, Media and Sovereignty (MIT Press, 2002), Chapter 2



Sunday, April 26
9:00-9:45         Elizabeth Povinelli, Columbia University

"Intervention/Occupation: Post-Recognition Politics in Australia"                      

Moderator: Anjali Arondekar

Readings: Elizabeth Povinelli, "The Child in the Broom Closet: States of Killing and Letting Die," South Atlantic Quarterly 107(3): 509-530 (2008)

Irene Watson, "Sovereign Spaces, Caring for Country, and the Homeless

Position of Aboriginal Peoples," South Atlantic Quarterly 108(1): 27-51 (2009)

9:45-10:45       Discussion

10:45-11:00     Tea Break


11:00-1:00       Roundtable Discussion:

Occupation, Dispossession, Ethics

Moderator: Parama Roy

Readings:  Achille Mbembe, “Necropolitics”, Public Culture 15 (1), pp. 11-40

Leela Gandhi, “Manifesto,” Affective Communities (Durhan: Duke University Press, 2006)


1:00-2:15         Lunch Break

2:15-3:00         John Beverley, University of Pittsburgh

"The Subaltern and the State”

Moderator: Adriana Johnson

Readings: Álvaro García Linera, “State Crisis and Popular Power”, New Left Review 37, Jan-Feb 2006, 73-85

John Beverley, Subalternity and Representation (Durham: Duke University Press, 1999), Chapter 6.

3:00-4:00         Discussion

4:00-4:15         Tea Break


4:15-6:15         Roundtable Discussion:

Subaltern Occupation

Moderator: Horacio Legras

Readings: Martin Luis Guzman, “Zapata's Troops in the Palace,” The Eagle and the Serpent (Gloucester, Mass., P. Smith, 1969)

Danny Hoffman, “The City as Barracks: Freetown, Monrovia, and the Organization of Violence in Post-colonial African Cities, Cultural Anthropology, vol 22 Issue 3, pp. 400-428

Suggested Reading: Ranajit Guha, “Territorialities,” Elementary Aspects of Peasant Insurgency in Colonial India (Durham: Duke University Press, 1999)


Monday, April 27
9:00-12:00       Roundtable: 

Nationhood, Territoriality, and Palestine

Richard Falk, Nuha Khoury, Saree Makdisi, Michael Provence

Moderator: David Lloyd

Readings: Saree Makdisi, “Outsides”, Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation (New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2008)

Aziz Al Azmeh, “Nationalism and the Arabs,” Arab Studies Quarterly, vol 17, No. 1, 2 Winter/Spring 1995

Suggested Readings: Robert Blecher, “Citizens without Sovereignty: Transfer and Ethnic Cleansing in Israel,” Comparative Studies in Society and History, vol 47, no 4 (Oct 2005), pp 725-754

“An Interview with Sadek Jalak Al-Azm,” Journal of Palestine Studies XXVII, no 2 (Winter 1998), pp. 68-80

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