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The Subaltern-Popular Conference 2: Re-Visioning Analytic Frames

The Subaltern- Popular Conference 1 (March 8-9, 2004)


Graduate Seminars

Spanish 265
The Subaltern and the Popular
UC Riverside, Spring 2007
Professor Freya Schiwy

The reports, chronicles, and justifications written during the
colonial period in what today is called Latin America attest
to a profoundly violent cultural encounter. This is not only a
physical violence, but also an epistemic one. Questions such
as "Who writes to whom and with what purpose?" "How is the
representation of mutually unknown worlds achieved?" open up
broader questions about the geopolitics of knowledge and the
possibilities for challenging dominant representations.  In
this class we will read a selection of texts ranging from
Waman Poma de Ayala to Jose Carlos Mariategui to Walter
Mignolo's The Idea of Latin America, among others.  We will
also look at a series of cinematic efforts to engage with
these issues in films such as How Tasty Was My Little French
Man, The Last Supper, and the Street and Video activism of
Mujeres Creando, a group of Bolivian lesbian anarchists.


Art History 265
The Subaltern and the Popular
UC Santa Barbara, Spring 2006
Professor Swati Chattopadhyay

This graduate seminar will explore the relation between culture and subalternity, including an introduction to the idea of culture in the early texts of subaltern studies, and the relation between popular politics and subalternization as a spatial problematic. We will begin with some classic texts and work our way into some recent discussion on the subject. There will be an introductory meeting on Friday, March 10 at noon in the Art History Conference Rm.
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